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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 8, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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t all the fundings by the koch brothers, gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and good luck. ♪ ansari. >> all right, on "the young turks." mitt romney won but did he? we'll present the mitt romney nightmare scenario. >> was it santorum who won. and then rush does it again. what is it with all of these young single white men and overeducated, it doesn't mean intelligent. >> why is he attacking young women again? we'll show you how he did it, why he did it, and why he should be taken off american armed forces network plus fox news
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goes after an american company. >> it is for four rather small seats for americans and you still think it's worth it? >> that sound like an foreigner against our companies. we'll discuss that later in the company, as well. you know what it is? it's go haim. >> so a lot happened last night. mitt romney won six states. santorum won three states. and we did a mash up to give a sense of the night. here are some of the speeches were last night. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ♪ keeps georgia ♪ on my mind ♪ >> the national lead especially in the republican party has decided that that that a gingrich
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presidency was so scary they had to kill it early. >> you have to change the constitution to have a lot less war and more effort to promote the cause of peace. >> we're giving up our jobs. we're living off of our savings. yeah we're making a sacrifice. >> we survived the lead to kill us in the summer because of you. >> we'll get a couple of gold medals and a whole path of silver medals. >> i met with moms, dads, teachers students, factory workers and business owners, i've lived and i learned. i hope i'm the better candidate by having done all that. >> i want to thank you for joining me tonight and joining us in this effort to restore liberty in this great country. >> i encourage to you stick
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around for the buffet. thank you so much for coming. >> the buffet, ron paul is talking about how he's on a roll yeah, if you're rolling your ass out. you couldn't even win alaska. newt gringrich is acting like you won the presidency. all you did was win your own state. bring it down. listen to won the delegates. it was mitt romney. he got 216 delegates to santorum's 84, gingrich, 72, and paul 23. in fact, the latest count now they needed 1,144 to win. romney has 415 this is all according to the associated press. santorum with 176. gingrich with 105 and ron paul in the rear. it look like romney won but i think santorum did. we'll talk about that in a minute. but one guy who thinks he's on
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top of the mount is newt gringrich. take a listen. >> we're staying in this race because i believe that it's going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. i believe alabama has a very major role to play. in setting the stage with the presidential nomination. and i believe that only by nominating a solvent conservative who is articulate enough to beat barack obama in the fall can win this election. >> how do you know you're more electable? that doesn't make sense. whenever you listen to gingrich you go, on which planet is this guy. when you look at the polls barack obama would beat him worse than any of the other candidates where are you at
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apparently only in georgia. we found mitt romney's voters. we were unsure who is supporting this guy. first of all you got to understand throughout this whole process voter turnout has been way down from 2008. so you look at florida nevada, colorado michigan, arizona. all these places less people showed up than in 2008. not very effective. when you look at the numbers were last night in ohio, there was one group that was excited and definitely in mitt's camp. that's rich folks. people earning over $100,000, 46% of them, the widest margin, these two brackets voted for mitt romney. 55% voted for mitt romney in the bracket over $200,000. here is the interesting part. these are the one set of voters who are excited this time around. like we've got our guy richie rich, robo corp, go get him. so look at michigan and ohio. in michigan, people earning over $100,000 went up in voter turn out by 50% wasn't it went from 22 to 33%.
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this is one category where people are excited and turning out more than in 2008. and last night in ohio, same thing. they jumped from 21% in voter turnout in that category and it's the voters, it's the rich. who could have seen that coming. i'll tell how so seen that coming. epic politician man. ♪ >> all right michael great to have you here. so let's talk about scenarios here. mitt romney, any way that he could be in trouble in terms of delegates. will he get enough, go. >> the first part why mitt romney is in trouble. even if he were to win every single delegate in every single contac going forward he would not be able to clinch the nomination until may 15th in the oregon primary. this is a prolonged contest for
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him as long as these two other candidates stay in the race against him. we'll talk about nightmare scenarios for mitt romney. let's have a little intro for that ♪ above the fruited plains ♪ >> daddy must be turning over in his grave. [chuckling] >> worse nightmare on mitt street. >> nightmare on mitt street is if we go into the surgeon states. there are a handful of states that are nightmare states. we'll show those to you for mitt romney coming up. one of them is this saturday in the state of kansas. you'll see alabama and mississippi who vote next week, then mississippi and louisiana. he already lost in missouri albeit it was a beauty contest santorum won last month. what will have to happen for mitt romney, he'll have to make a stand in one of those states to change the dialogue in this
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race. that's not going to change immediately. the question is who will get those states. is newt gringrich going to come out of georgia and win the south? there is no indication that that can happen. i don't feel any movement as you were saying in the intro that you don't either. >> gingrich is being mitt romney's best friend. i think if he dropped out santorum would be in much better shape. i'm not alone in thinking thinking that. >> you're not alone in thinking that but i will disagree with you that it will change the dynamics of the race. newt gringrich and rick santorum will not win the nomination. they cannot win the nomination. what they can do is prevent mitt romney from winning it. i think being in there together they can do that together. >> yeah, just because you've been right throughout this whole process, now you're getting cocky with these wild-identify theories that them both being in there hurts mitt romney more. but i hear where you're coming from. tell me where mitt romney could
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rally. >> in april we're calling it his life boat state the state that can save his life. and recess state his bad march. illinois is in march that could give him the possibility to breathe a little bit and get people to remember his campaign. he'll spend a lot of money there. connecticut, rhode island, when those forestates will have their elections and pennsylvania will as well, you would think that will be a rick santorum state remembering that he lost by 19%. there is that in play. one thing that i find interesting is alabama. for example, mitt romney is spending in the birmingham and mobile media markets 1 uh-uh thousand dollars. and rick santorum is spending $100,000 in cable ads. romney thinks he has to make some kind of a move there. >> i hear you on that.
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just real quick. i think rick santorum won last night. and i think he won because he got north dakota, which we didn't expect, and he came real close in ohio. he locked up tennessee. mitt romney only won alaska, which we weren't sure about. all those other things from expected. especially with those southern states you just saw you know, that you just showed on the map i think he gives rick santorum momentum and has a chance to propel him to the anti-romney campaign. >> iyou know, i think you're right in that case. >> i knew it. >> hold it right there. rick santorum won because mitt romney didn't. he couldn't close. >> he couldn't close. he couldn't get tennessee and it was tight in ohio. when we come back, listen, eric holder gave what i viewed to be a terrible speech on killing of u.s. citizens. listen to this.
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>> deprocess and judicial process are not one and the same. particularly when it comes to national security. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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>> back on "the young turks." eric holder was at northwestern law school and he was there to explain why we call an american citizen anwar al-awlaki. >> a citizen is required to get permission from a federal court before taking action against an united states leader who is a senior leader of al-qaida for associated forces. this is simply not accurate. due process and judicial process are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security. the constitution guarantees due
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process. it does not guarantee judicial process. >> that sounds horrible. so if it's not judicial process you're reinterpreting the constitution? so due process is a couple of guys in the c.i.a. sitting around should we kill him? yeah bob i agree, let's kill him. that's now due process. due process has always been going to a court to get some sort of--at the very least get an indictment. that sounded like richard nixon. do you remember when he said, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal. and that's what he's saying here. when the president decides that the c.i.a. and the military is right, that we need to execute someone we don't need to go to a court. you no longer have your fifth amendment right to due process. we just decided in the executive branch that we'll kill them. we killed thesises without due process. anwar al-awlaki was targeted and killed. his 16-year-old son, abdulrahman al-awlaki and samir khan were
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also killed. those were accidental, but afterwards we said, wow they are kind of terrorists, any way and they had it coming. how do you like our process? does that sound like due process to you? it only got worse. >> the reality is that our nation will likely continue to face terrorist threats that at times originate with our own citizens. when such individuals take on against this country and join al-qaida in attacks and design to kill their fell low americans. there may be only one realistic and appropriate response. we must take steps to stop them in full accordance with the constitution. in this our hour of danger we cannot afford to wait until deadly plans are carried out and we will not. >> this was a theme that he kept saying throughout the speech. we can't wait. it reminded me of the mushroom
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cloud of saddam hussein it could go off in 45 minutes in this hour of danger. to go all the way to court to get a simple indictment of all time? we can't do it. if they just can't get an indictment on a guy they claim is so incredibly dangerous and an imminent source of danger to the united states, it will not be kept secret. they're keeping their memos secret on their illegal justification of trust us. we got a lot of due process. you don't have to worry about it. that's not the american system, and we're not supposed to trust one man whether it's the attorney general or the president, even if it's a president we normally agree with. that's not our system. that's not our constitution. all right now i want to transition to a different case of an u.s. citizen that has actually taken up arms against us. it's a very nuance case, and it gives a case of what we can do right as well as what we've done
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wrong. it's the case of omar hammami and it was documented here in at current by vanguard, and he goes by theal was of farouk. he went over to somalia and his story was told. let's watch a quick clip of that. >> we're waiting for the enemy to come. we heard the numbers close to 11,000 or more. trying to blow up as many of their vehicles as we can and kill as many of them as we can and take everything that they've got, i mean inshaallah. >> this is the guy that everybody knows as al mansoul
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al-amriki but i know him as omar hammami. cause that's the guy i kind of grew up with in high school. this video of bernie's high school friend omar was shot in somalia where omar has joined the ranks of al shabbab an islamic extremist group in link to al-qaida. >> chrischristof putzel you talked to his family off the record and then talked to him. how did a kid from alabama wind up being this jihadi in sownal i can't. >> it's a long story. he converted to islam when he was 15. like did he everything in his life he took it seriously. he was an overachieveer as indicated he was president of his class in high school. he took it to the extreme. everything he did he took to the
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extreme. he ended up in somalia and couple of years later. nobody knows exactly what happened, but he went for it. and now he he has been recruiting american citizens. and he has been successful. he has recruited 30 americans to take up arms. >> you know, it's interesting because when you compare them, we have so much more evidence against hammami. he talks about how he's waiting for the enemy and he's going to kill them. he's putting out rap records. 's not only on the most-wanted list but they indicted him. >> yes, a couple of years ago for giving aid to al-qaida, he supporting a terrorist group. >> as i look at that. i think the justification that they use for other americans that they have on their hit list, if we put that on the public record or indict him in public, my god the terrorists
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would know everything. but we know everything about this guy and it hasn't helped the terrorists. it's a weird justification. >> yes, it is a weird justification and this is the kind of thing that people like hammami love. they love to expose the united states government as being hint critical. i wouldn't be surprised if this ends up in one of his hip-hop music that he likes to release. he likes to target american muslims. trying to recruit american muslims, trying to get werners on his side and make the west look terrible. so h welcomes--he welcomes stuff like this. he loves to call the u.s. out. >> and it drives me crazy that we would give him any kernel to work with. because we're supposed to be the city on the hill. we're supposed to have a moral high ground. when we do things like honestly detainerships, no, no, a couple of friends of the president got together and we decided he should be assassinated.
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but we're not going to call it an assassination which is something else that eric holder said in his speech. one more thing. omar hammami, they did indict him. they did go through the judicial process. do you think he belongs on the hit list? >> you know, it's a very difficult question for me to answer. i spent a year of my life basically chasing this guy. i know his family. i know his friends quite well. but ultimately you know, omar has put this stuff out there and you know, yeah. >> no, look, i think i agree with that, based on the evidence that we have. you know, i want the audience to understand something. oh we don't want them to go after the bad guys and this guy is on tape saying i'm opposed to you guys and violently so, and they indicted him. when go through the process, it makes sense. i feel bad for his family you talked to them, i feel bad for his friends in alabama, it is
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what it is. but when we assassinate a guy without any evidence, and the attorney general tells us trust us, it's not the right way to go. christof putzel, thank you for joining us. that's a fascinating documentary. when we come back, rush llimbaugh does it again. he went after another young woman. we'll talk about those attacks when we return. >> this woman wrote the book on inequality food justice. now a word for sociaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaia
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great things start with gillette. what's up? >>hi! >>how ya doing? >>good. >>what you got there? >>a u.v. light lunch box. >>wow! how does it work? >>you put the fruit in, you turn it on, you wait for ten seconds, you take it out. it's a healthy apple to eat. >>that's big. if you sell as manny of those as we sold records, one day i'm going to be going to your house. >>got a cool idea of your own? enter it now at four finalist will have the chance to pitch their idea to
3:26 am one winner may see their invention idea brought to life. ♪ >> all right we're back on "the young turks." well, rush llimbaugh's pain continues. 46 companies have dropped him. including sears netflix aol and two station versus dropped him as well. he picked up a curious defender, that's bill maher. i have mixed feeling on the sponsor pullout and i understand what bill maher is saying in that regard because then you overly sanitize the airwaves, and you know, i want a full diversity of opinion even if it's the loathsome rush llimbaugh. but i'm not accepting the apology, come on bill, that was the world's worst apology.
3:27 am
did you see it? >> i became like them. against my own instincts against my own knowledge against everybody i know to be right and wrong i descended to their level. >> his big apology was i'm so sorry for being like liberals. that's not an apology and no way is it accepted. come on, that's ridiculous. so as rush llimbaugh learned anything from this? of course not. not even remotely. he did it again today talking about tracy macmillan, an award winning journalist. she wrote the book "the american way of eating" how lower income people suffer under this system and of course rush llimbaugh hates that because he's the defender of high-income people. he could have left it at that, but he had to go after her being a young woman who is accomplished. how dare he. >> what is it with all of these young single white women
3:28 am
overeducated, doesn't mean intelligent. tracy macmillan the author of this book, seems to be just out of college. and already she has been showered with awards, including the 2006 james aaronson award for justice journalism. >> that would be a thing to celebrate. this woman is accomplished and award winning. how could she possibly be smart? i mean, she's a young woman and they've showered her with these awards as if she's undeserving because she's a young woman overeducated but not smart because she's a young woman. i heard him say that, didn't i? the misogyny oozes out of rush llimbaugh. women who are in the armed forces don't like being subjected to this kind of stuff. by the way before i tell you that, i should give you tracy macmillan's response. she said, responding to rush.
3:29 am
>> and it's hard to disagree with her. now back to the female veterans. they're saying why is rush llimbaugh on american forces radio and i have to listen to it? it doesn't make sense. here's what a group of them wrote. >> and here are women who have served in iraq, afghanistan etc. and of course i couldn't agree more with them. i'm surprised rush doesn't agree with them. american forces radio and the entire network is subsidizeed by the american government. what, the government subsidizeing $27 million annually? what are you doing on there? you got to get out of there. i thought you were against
3:30 am
government subsidies. no when it comes to our troops, rush llimbaugh is in favor of it. he should be taken off of that network. i don't want our taxpayer dollars going to rush llimbaugh to send his message to our troops. that's a tradition vestee. travesty. i want to bring in our guest john, great to have you here. so tell me a little bit more about how american forces network works and rush's role in it. >> well, i think what rush does is essentially provides an hour of programming from his show. but it's not really not necessary for rush to be on armed forces radio in order for the armed forces to hear him. one of the great scams that rush llimbaugh does is convince his listener toss give him money. then he supposedly uses that money to provide free online access to his website to military members. so which of course he could do
3:31 am
for free any way if he wanted to be generous. rush llimbaugh makes money pretending to make his show available to the military soldiers. co-do that without the need to have armed forces radio. there is no censor ship of rush llimbaugh that would go on here. all you would have to do is stop the government subsidizing which you they had he will be in favor of. >> yeah, it doesn't seem so. he says he doesn't care about these advertisers who left. we showed some big grand names but in radio which i worked in, that's your bread and butter, and those guys have left as well. how much trouble is rush llimbaugh really in with all of these advertisers leaving. >> this is really the worst crisis he has had in his career. highys never had this many advertisers abandon him amyth amidst
3:32 am
controversy. today he dismissed it as losing a couple of french fries, but i think rush llimbaugh keeps very careful track of his all of his french fries. >> i like that. >> and he's not going to give up an advertiser lightly. he's someone however who is his own boss. he's not going to be fired because he controls his own network. he has access to a big audience. he still has a lot of advertisers. he says he has more to replace the ones he lost. it's going to hurt him but it won't silence him at all. >> that's why he's saying today, everything is going to be cool. it's fine. i didn't need those stinkin' advertisers any way. before he was kissing their ass to get them on his show. it's very disingenuous. people who are not familiar with rush llimbaugh god bless their hearts for not being familiar with him.
3:33 am
but he said some terrible things about sandra fluke and then he did it again with macmillan but maybe it's an aberration. is it an aberration or is it what he does on a regular basis. >> it's not an aberration. i wrote a book on the hurtful and bigoted and stupid remarks he makes on a whole host of subjects. he's particularly known for his sexism. what i documented in my book is that he insulted sandra fluke 53 times. this was not an off the cuff remark. this was 53 times talking about her as a flat-out whore having too much sex. the worst thing that he did was he called her a feminot. something he has done throughout his career on all sorts of feminists. and i think it's about the worst thing he could say.
3:34 am
i take it personally. i think what rush llimbaugh has done, he attacked women. he attacked feminists throughout his whole career and has done it in rude and crude ways. why are people all of a sudden upset about a few sexually related remarks when they should have been mad at rush for his bigotry all along. >> john wilson, author of "most dangerous man in america"." we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> now when we come back, well, fox news and the rest of the crofts including rush llimbaugh are attacking an american company. and who is standing up for that company? the president. >> five years from now when i'm not president any more, i'll buy one myself.
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. ♪ >> all right back on "the young turks." we got a fun power panel for you guys. we have katie a columnist at town hall. watch out she's a conservative. we have a conservative rebel. and john is vice presidential
3:38 am
for communications in new media at american progress. great to have you here as well. guys, i want to start with the chevy volt question. americans and conservatives don't like this american car. they've been attacking it non-stop. rush limbaugh said about g.m. entirely said that they were d let me give you the exact quote here. trying to kill their customers through the chevy volt. this is very extreme. here is fox news. >> the chevy volt just did not worth the money. flat out state. not worth the money. there is no bench seats. it's four rather small seats for americans and you think it's worth it. >> why are taxpayers subsidizing. i don't want to pay for someone else to have one. >> it's a 7500 credit. >> on the first 200 vehicles in 2011. >> we build them here. sell them in new york. is the technology here? >> we have to subsidize european
3:39 am
buyers too? >> and do you remember newt gringrich when he took a shot at the chevy volt? watch. >> you can't put a gun in a volt. >> you can't even put a gun rack on it, my god what are you going to do with that car? it's not true. we had to prove that we could butt a gun rack on it. why do republicans hate this american company like this? >> cenk. they don't hate american companies. obama was mr. superman when it comes to helping american companies. why did he totally ignore steve jobs who is a lifelong democrat and who gave--while alive--he game obama many words on advice on a how to creating jobs, lowering taxes and stop pushing the false notion that everybody needing to through college and get a four-year degree when he wanted to create american jobs for engineers here in america.
3:40 am
now yet all of those jobs are in china thanks president obama and he is not pro american companies because he spent the world's most valuable company apple, over to china. thank you, president obama for doing that. if he really cared about american companies and he would not have done that. >> katie i'm a little confused by that steve jobs said he needs more engineers. if he's saying you shouldn't go to college how do you become a-- >> you knee a two year degree to become the type of engineer to develop an ipod or i ipad. that i haven't heard a single person on the left or right bring up, in order to develop electric cars such as the volt, you need rare earth. thanks to the epa regulation that put others out of business are produce produced by china.
3:41 am
china calls the shot on the prices. they can cost over $100 a pound. that's why green technology costs so much. so we need to get the government out of this entirely. >> now, i want you to address those, but also the fact that there is a $7,500 subsidy on the volt. i'm not sure why we need that. the conservatives--i think they might have a decent point why am i subsidizing someone buying the volt. >> i'm in a fever dream where barack obama sent the company of apple over to china. i'll put that aside just for right now and just say you have to look at the history of the volt. it was developed well before obama became president. the kind of tax subsidies we're talking about were put in place under the george bush administration back before the idea of green energy and clean energy became a political
3:42 am
football that it is today. but i think that you have to look at a long campaign by rush limbaugh and others essentially smearing the volt and it's safety record. they were saying that this was a car that would be set on fire. now if you looked at the government when they did the test, they gave it a five out of five rating and it was no more likely to be caught on fire an any other car. i think look, this is a product that is not a mainstreamed mass market product right now. it's on the edge, just like several years ago hybrid cars weren't a mainstream thing. now they're integrated in many cars and we see larger adaptations. the tax subsidy for those to get on the edge, some people have done that. maybe not as many as g.m. hoped but that's how these
3:43 am
technologies develop and overall the car industry is doing very well and that's something that obama can take credit for. >> did i not know that bush originally put in the subsidy. that's interesting. katie, listen, to me even if you have good points against the subsidy, which i said, i actually don't love that subsidies. i don't like any of those subsidies. when you talk about all of these guys piling on, trying to get people not to buy the car that's what it looks like. you went to apple and all that stuff. but focus here on the volt. you've got rush limbaugh, fox news, etc. all seemingly making a marketing campaign against the volt. against g.m. and it like they have obama derangement syndrome. we hate g.m. we hate american cops. we--americancompanies. we need to get them. >> the reason why i brought up apple. you said president obama is
3:44 am
defending american companies. i'm saying steve jobs is a clear example of how he's not defending, he's ignoring american companies the most valuable company in the world apple. he has sent that company overseas. so it's all a political game that he's playing pretend to go care about green technology. i like to think that our president cared about green technology, but i think he's just using this for political gain. and so i think the best way to advance in terms of pushing forward green technology would be to get the government out of it entirely and let the free market take over because we have a lot of smart people in this country. we don't need president obama who doesn't know enough about business to listen to steve jobs, to tell us how to build a volt. >> i got to go. katie, you didn't answer the question about the volt. you did go in a different direction. >> yes, did i. you didn't listen. >> i can talk endlessly how i would love to get rid of the oil
3:45 am
subsidies that the republicans love. they want to protect the big oil companies. when it comes to green energy they hate that. but of course, thank you to our panel. now when we come back, you know, they always talk about polarization in this country like it's always the democrats and the republicans' fault. that is not true. the republicans who are driving this polarization when we come back. >> i need the president to
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break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. >> back on the air. we often hear the media talk about polarization and that part is true. we do have hyper polarization in this country. but then they talk about it as
3:49 am
if it's the republicans and democrats fault. that's not true. then you hear republicans what can we do because president obama is so polarizing because he's leftest nonens. two professor keith pool and howard rosenthal did a study where they ranked all the different presidents and when you look at it president obama is actually the most conservative of the democrats president. you see this is the chart here. this is not based on policies. if it was obama is the right of reagan and bush on some things. this is how many times they agree with the opposing party. you can see obama agrees with the opposing party more than clinton did and more than jimmy carter, more conservative than jimmy carter let alone lbj jfk etc. and so often president obama brags about it. here is president obama saying please believe me i took it from
3:50 am
the republicans. >> this used to be a republican idea, by the way this idea of the individual mandate and suddenly some--it's like they got amnesia. i know, this is terrible. this is going to take away freedom for americans all over the world. >> now he's absolutely right about that. what happened with orrin hatch. orrin hatch came out individual mandate, i've always hated that idea. watch. >> i'm the first to individual mandate under obama care, you have to buy something you don't want to buy meaning health insurance. i was the first one to point out its unconstitutional. >> you were the first to point out its unconstitutional? he was the first one to cosponsor the mandate back in 1993. i did a segment on that earlier. and point of fact, is orrin hatch lying about it?
3:51 am
he's calling it unconstitutional now and he cosponsored it. you know what they found out? quote, it's totally true because they did sponsor it. it was the republican idea, and this is how it works. president obama agrees with the republicans and the republicans move further right and then accuse him of polarizing the country. you see how that game is played. in fact, professor pool broke this down as well. i want to go back here. he shows first of all the most partisan republicans, the once who are 90% republicans and most partisan democrats from the beginning of the country to present day. you see the democrats are fairly constant. they're not moving in one direction so much. from 1980-on the republicans take off in partisan issues. they become much more partisan. you see an obvious divide. now when you add in the guys who are the more moderate ones. the ones who are 10% republican and 10% democrat, it's not a
3:52 am
perfect way of explaining it. buttedbut add those guys in, let's go to the next graphic here, the democrats, they cross the midline and then come back down. the republicans that are supposed to be moderate, and look at this bipartisan era. when we had the bipartisan era from the end of the world war to 1980 that's where we protect americans, epa osha, etc. that's when we were doing the best economically, right? what happens in 1980 even the moderate republicans skyrocket in the partisanship and they wind up becoming nowhere near moderate. finally i want to show you a graph that just came out, it is amazing. it shows how partisanship for the republicans takes off and this graph is the income of the top 1%. so the top 1% start buying the republicans in 1980, and they say, all right we want you to
3:53 am
be more and more polarized. why do they want that? because they want their tax cuts. they want all their advantages. they want to get rid of regulations. they make more money. there you have it. that's the explanation for polarization in american. it doesn't have anything to do with democrats. it has to do with the wholesale purchase of the republican party by the top 1%. it's in the numbe. all right. when we come back i want to tell you about brad manning and the u.n. has a new report on him and it is devastating. come right back. [screaming] ttvrr
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3:55 am
more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan.
3:56 am
>> we're back on the young turks. we're going to tell you about a couple of stories. one is about brad manning. there is a new report out by juan ernesto mendez. the u.n. head of the u.n. office created by the u.n. commission on human rights to. here's what he said about brad manning. and remember, he was kept in solitary confinement for 23 out of 24 hours of the day for five months straight. they did degrading treatment making sure that he stripped down naked every morning. they wouldn't let him sleep. they stripped him of clothing and claimed he was a health hazard to himself when the doctors said he was not a health hazard to himself. it was sad when the human rights have to come in and tell us, the
3:57 am
american government, you cannot treat your detainees this way including an u.s. citizen. it's outrageous and i'm glad someone is looking into it and they're totally right. now a story about an alameda judge blocked an uc report pepper spraying incident. this is what the cop did back then. [screaming] >> now, now the police union said we don't want that guy's identity known. everybody knows. they have a video of it. it's john pike. i want to show a couple of quick pictures. this is what they're doing on the internet. do we know this guy? of course we
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